Our Brands

We are just about getting started

We are just about getting started and have some exciting plans for each of our products. Each of our digital products / brands reflect our philosophy that enables, empower and/or entertain our normal lives, enriching it in unique ways. How ? For that, you would need to experience them ! Did we also say there are more in the pipeline?

Conditionsapply The Best Digital Agency

*Conditionsapply. A digital agency for the global market.

*Conditionsapply. A digital agency for the global market. As an independent Digital Marketing Agency, *conditionsapply has been enabling businesses from multiple industries and geographies attain their enterprise objectives, since 2008. Upcoming startups and prodigious corporates equally trust us to take

Lipi News App

Lipi. A vernacular news aggregator

A vernacular news aggregator application Lipi is a sleek, FREE, ad-free, world-class reading experience built specifically for the smart, erudite, intelligent Malayalee. The news sources are selected for quality than quantity, ushering in a new trend and style of reporting

Magicwant App

Magicwant. Business Digitisation and Contactless Operations

Business Digitisation, Contactless Operations & Omnichannel Promotional tool Magicwant helps businesses take their business online, in less than a minute and digitise it for contactless retail experience. Businesses can get customers to come and transact instore, schedule their arrival for

Gigmix Job Portal

Gigmix. AI Powered Hiring Lifecycle Management

Gigmix. AI Powered Hiring Lifecycle Management The AI powered Gigmix poised to streamline, simplify and speedup the recruitment process for companies of any size and might. This will enable everyone from individual recruiters to large HR teams to carryout their